Managed Service Accounts (RBAC)

For Kubernetes Power Users: Information about the service accounts created by DuploCloud

When a DuploCloud Tenant is created with Kubernetes access, DuploCloud creates three service accounts that are mapped to the Tenant's unique namespace.

Account types

  • default - The default account serves as a template for creating other accounts. This account cannot be altered by the end user. There are no role bindings for the default service account.

  • duploservices--readonly-user - This service account is assigned to the duploservices-<tenant>-readonly-role role binding. It provides read-only access to resources in the Tenant

  • duploservices--edit-user - This service account is assigned to the duploservices-<tenant>-edit-role role binding. It provides edit access to resources in the Tenant. This is the service account that is assigned to a new Pod, unless you explicitly override it

Service accounts can be applied to Pods using the DuploCloud Service's Other Pod Configuration field when you Add a Service.

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