Kubectl setup

Accessing kubectl on your local computer

You can access kubectlon a local computer to a Kubernetes cluster with cluster-admin privileges to download and run kubeconfig.

You can obtain Just-In-Time (JIT) access to Kubernetes by using duplo-jit. See the JIT Access documentation for detailed information about:

• Obtaining JIT access, using the UI and CLI.

• Installing duplo-jit, using various tools.

• Getting credentials for AWS access interactively, or with an API token.

• Accessing the AWS Console.

Downloading kubeconfig

  1. In the DuploCloud Portal, navigate to Administrators -> Infrastructure.

  2. In the Name column, select the Infrastructure in which you want to set up kubectl.

  3. Click the EKS (for AWS) tab, GKE (for GCP) tab, or the AKS (for Azure) tab.

  4. Click Download Kube Config to download the kubeconfig file.

If you don't have Administrator access, you can use duplo-jit to access Kubernetes. When you click Download Kube Config, the Access to Kubernetes from your Workstation window displays, which provides you the alternative of installing duplo-jit to access your Kubernetes cluster without obtaining permanent access keys.

Installing kubectl on your local computer

  1. Use these tools to install kubectl locally.

  2. Run these commands to enable kubectl to use the downloaded kubeconfig.

  • For Linux or macOS:

export KUBECONFIG=/home/duplo/duploinfra-INFRASTRUCTURE_NAME.yaml # INFRASTRUCTURE_NAME is your DuploCloud Infrastructure name.
  • For Windows:

setx KUBECONFIG "%USERPROFILE%\Downloads\duploinfra-INFRASTRUCTURE_NAME.yaml" # INFRASTRUCTURE_NAME is your DuploCloud Infrastructure name.

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