AWS Services

Applications are written involving many AWS Services like S3 for Object Store, RDS for RDBS (SQL), Redis, Kafka, SQS, SNS, Elastic Search and so on. While each of their configurations need a few application centric inputs, there are scores of lower level nuances around access control, security, compliance among others.
Using DuploCloud you can pretty much create any service within the Tenant using basic app centric inputs while the platform will make sure the lower level nuances are programmed to best practices for security and compliance. Every service within the Tenant will automatically be reachable to any application running within that tenant. If you need to expose some service from one Tenant to another that can be done from under Administrator --> Tenants --> Security.
For documentation on a per services bases see the AWS Services section
We add new AWS services to the platform on almost a weekly basis, if a certain service is not documented here please contact the DuploCloud Team. Even if the feature is currently available, the DuploCloud team will enable the feature in a matter of days.