Add VPC endpoints

Securely access AWS Services using VPC endpoints

An AWS VPC endpoint creates a private connection to supported AWS services and VPC endpoint services powered by AWS PrivateLink. Amazon VPC instances do not require public IP addresses to communicate with the resources of the service. Traffic between an Amazon VPC and a service does not leave the Amazon network.

VPC endpoints are virtual devices. They are horizontally scaled, redundant, and highly available Amazon VPC components that allow communication between instances in an Amazon VPC and services without imposing availability risks or bandwidth constraints on network traffic. There are two types of VPC endpoints, Interface Endpoints, and Gateway Endpoints.

DuploCloud allows you to specify predefined AWS endpoints for your Infrastructure in the DuploCloud Portal.

Adding VPC endpoints to a Duplocloud Infrastructure

  1. In the DuploCloud Portal, navigate to Administrator -> Infrastructure. The Infrastructure page displays.

  2. Select the Infrastructure to which you want to add VPC endpoints.

  3. Click the Endpoints tab.

  4. Click Add. The Infra - Create VPC Endpoints pane displays.

  5. From the VPC Endpoint Service list box, select the endpoint service you want to add.

  6. Click Create. In the Endpoints tab, the VPC Endpoint ID of your selected service displays.

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