Application Requirements

The application engineers start off by giving a set of requirements to the operations or DevOps team. This typically includes:

  1. High level architecture. Like the AWS example shown in the figure below which depicts the following: - A set of docker containers to be deployed connected to a SQL database along with a Redis instance and an S3 bucket. - Part of the containers needs to be behind a public ELB, part behind an internal LB. - Data science team may want a Spark cluster connected to ES - Lambda functions behind API gateway are to be deployed. One could draw similar examples for other cloud providers

2. Multiple environments might be required: Dev, Stage, QA and Production. In some case there may be a need to deploy a unique copy of the application for each customer (Single Tenant Application).

3. Diagnostics. Central logging, monitoring and alerting must be established.

4. Compliance standards. Specific standards are to be met like PCI, HIPAA, SOC 2 etc.

5. CI/CD is to be established.

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