No-Code / Low-Code

About DuploCloud's No-Code / Low-Code approach

DuploCloud provides a no-code UI-based approach to building and operating cloud infrastructures. Visit our Video Library for demos.

For an audience that desires to use Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC), we have a Terraform Provider that enables low-code IaC. This provider exposes all DuploCloud abstractions and constructs to be programmed using Terraform. Using the DuploCloud Terraform provider, you build the same infrastructure, using 10 times less code, with all compliance controls built-in. You are not required to have subject matter expertise in DevOps or SecOps. This whitepaper describes the process in detail.

A common misconception is that DuploCloud generates Terraform behind the scenes to provision the cloud infrastructure. The DuploCloud UI and Terraform (with the DuploCloud Provider) are layered on top of DuploCloud. Behind the scenes, DuploCloud uses the cloud provider APIs as shown in the picture below

DuploCloud uses APIs behind the scenes, beyond processing user requests, generating configurations synchronously, and calling the cloud provider. Many more operations require asynchronous processing, requiring a state machine with retries and the ability to continuously detect and fix configuration drift. Faults and compliance controls must be monitored continuously.

Terraform, or any scripting approach, is meant to be run with human supervision. There is no synchronicity and retries --- scripts start and end, processed as single threads.

For more information about No-Code/Low-Code and how it relates to Click Ops, see this FAQ.

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